NaBloPoMo 20: Favorite Things

by Acacia

Thanksgiving makes people pensive on the blogs, as I was myself last night. We rasp rhapsodic about all for which was are and should be truly grateful; for our family and friends and for the blessings of some imaginary being who we believe has chosen us as special amongst the throngs of humanity.

My gratitude exudes toward humanity and nature, and to give my fevered neurons a rest for the rest of the week while trying to maintain my daily blogging commitment, I shall be focusing on the things I like best about this life and this world.

1. mute buttons on televisions

2. fountain pens

3. peanut-butter cups

4. ballet

5. cinnamon toast with oodles of butter

6. Paris

7. blank notebooks

8. Tom Ford Violet Blonde perfume

9. pencils

10. coffee