NoBloPoMo 9: Bending in the Wind

by Acacia

Fighting the wind bends you in a way that you grow differently than other people.

When your childhood is so different from those of your friends, even down to who you live with, it keeps you on the margins of things. Visiting friends has you comparing their parent’s houses to yours, their lives with yours. They seem to have none of the insecurities you have and everything they have seems so normal, while your’s is always different and needing explanation. Even when you’re having fun, half of you is just observing. Half of you is always outside looking in.

Being outside, feeling outside makes you feel different than everyone else. It is so easy to imagine that their lives are perfect and only yours is not. I becomes easy to forget that other people have insecurities, problems, fears, that they are human. That maybe they don’t stand straight and tall while you are twisted and bent, but have been buffeted by winds of their own.