NoBloPoMo 7: Words

by Acacia

I love words. I believe that words have been my greatest tool. Even as a child I used words to protect myself, to try to get people to like me and to express my ideas. I know that everyone uses words that way, but I was always very careful with my words. I was acutely aware of how much words could hurt. I learned to read inflection and parcel the meanings behind the words people chose to say.

It’s odd to hear people (like politicians) who use words without thinking and when I point it out to my friends, they all think that I’m being entirely too persnickety. For example, during the hell of pink October, msnbc posted a story that finally talked about the alienation that people with Stage IV and metastatic breast cancer with all the festivities around breast cancer awareness. We are the shadow of the pink ribbon and our terminal status is like a shameful secret no one talks about. I was pleased to see that someone from the media was finally acknowledging us. Until I read the title of the story “Breast Cancer Awareness Month Leaves Out Women with Late Stage Cancer, Some Say.” What? Everything was fine until I got to the “some say.” “Some say” means that it may not actually be true, since only a small group is making this claim. “Some say” undermines the entire point of the story by qualifying it with what is practically a disclaimer.

When people in the public eye claim to have “misspoken” or “chosen the wrong words,” it is complete and utter bullshit. When someone says the exact thing that will hurt your feelings the most, it is intentional and the words were chosen for their impact. But someone using words is the best possible way, to be eloquent and thoughtful is a beautiful thing.

Oddly enough, currently my favorite words as exsanguinate and laugh.