NaBloPoMo 2: Stars Again

by Acacia

Why don’t we give each other stars anymore? Even the phrase “you get a gold star” is said with more sarcasm than congratulations. In fact, it seems that we don’t even really give each other complements anymore, at least not very real ones. In the current world of pretty-thing blogs where everything is wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, and sweet, does anything have any real impact anymore?

During the summer reading programs I would get a star for every book I read. It took me longer to get stars than other children because I read longer books. At the end of the summer, I asked to keep all the stars I earned and for a while, I had a box of old gummy stars in my closet.

So tonight I give all of you gold stars! For my friends who write literate thoughtful blogs, my comrades fighting the pink, to people who post the pretty things and to everyone I love.