NaBloPoMo 1: Stars

by Acacia


Apparently this month is National Blog Posting Month and the challenge is to post a new blog every day this month. It’s a good writing challenge and I need something to make me write every day other than my sterling (ahem) self-discipline.

For my first post, I wanted to talk about stars. I don’t mean the stars in the universe, but the stars that I earned or that just made me happy. The stars on the board for the summer reading club at the library. One for each book you read. The stars that came from good attendance, or on tests that I did well on.

I just recently read The Little Prince for the first time and the book seems full of gold stars. Perfect stars, wonky stars, little stars, and big stars. It was a child’s universe of achievable stars, unlike the stars in our skies that we can never reach.

That’s what I want for this month, achievable stars.