Outside the window

by Acacia

I’d been sitting in the cancer center for hours, looking out the window of the infusion room towards the small marsh and lake on the property. Directly across the lake, another medical center is building a hospice. It seems cruel, really, to build a place to die where cancer patients getting chemo have to look at it during their infusions. When the center was designed, it was placed so we could see the lake and the wildlife, and today I saw the most amazing little birds.

They were small, pitch-black birds with bright red patches on their upper wings. Their feathers glistened against the dry green-gold of the lawn as they hopped along poking their beaks in the grass looking for food. The red  shown brightly against the ebony gloss, looking for a moment like a heart or the print of a kiss.

I looked the little birds up on the internet and learned they were red-winged blackbirds, and that the boys were the ones with the dramatic coloring, while the girls were dun-colored.  I started thinking of the males outside the window as mini Roudolph Valentinos, suave and sexy with their hearts on their sleeves. Or maybe they were little cupids, delivering kisses on their wings.

Red-Winged Blackbird by California Artist John Monroe

I think I’ll find Todd and deliver some kisses myself.