Soul Crushing Homogeneity

by Acacia

I read a large number of blogs, sixty-six by current count, and a good deal of my evenings were spend going to one blog to the next via bookmark menu to find that many of them hadn’t been updated. Time and again I would go through the same routine, losing most of my evenings looking for new posts. If only there was a way to know which blogs had been updated…

For the ballet blogs I follow, it was easy. I included their links on my own ballet blog and I could see which had new posts. But I was stuck for the others, so I broke down and started using Google Reader. At first it was great. I knew immediately which blogs had new posts and just look at those. For a while it was an amazing timesaver. But something started to bother me.

They all looked the same. With the exception of posted images, every blog was exactly the same. Same font, same background. All the effort each blogger put into the look and feel of their pages. I know that for my own blogs I agonized over themes, fonts, and every picture. Some of my favorite writers hired professionals to design their blogs, and here I was, looking at a homogeneous list of text and images without life, without color. The heart and soul of the creators reduced to white text on a black background.

It’s an ugly thing to do to my creative friends (reading someone’s blog makes them seem like friends.) A perverse reduction of all their work into a bland, soul crushing homogeneity for those who value content over context.